Sunday, August 13, 2017

Transport and recycle

We have been learning about transport and we made examples of different models of transport out of recycle materials.

Lily made a train because she loves trains. She built it with a "gigantic box, tin foil and paper towel". She found difficult sticking on the wheels.

William built a motorbike using some long boxes and bottles.

Zachary built a boat using a milk bottle. 

Maria made a boat because "my dad went to Fiji for three weeks". She cut a tissue box and she stuck tin foil on it.

Otis made a boat with a tissue box, two toilet rolls connected to an egg box. "I found making the holes difficult", he explained.

Maia built a double deck bus and she enjoyed to stick the wheels with the glue stick.

Remy made a box cart: "I found sticking the boxes on and stabling it difficult".

Collen built a car "because it can go fast" and he made it out of a milk bottle, a tissue box, a toilet roll and a card board.

Gyanji made a bus out of some tissue boxes and she enjoyed sticking the wheels.

Sarah made a rollerscate beacause she loves skating. She used hot glue and cardboard. "I enjoyed trying my best to cut out the wheels".

Katie made a school bus using some boxes and four milk bottles and then she sticked all together.

Blake built an army tank because he likes army tanks. He used cardboards and he enjoyed using tape.

Mia made a car with a box and a cardboard, she enjoyed built it. "I found difficult putting the wheel on the car", she said.

Olivia made a bike out of three cardboard and a milk bottle. She found hard to put the wheels on the milk bottle.

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