Thursday, June 22, 2017

Learn about Verbs

Confused about what a verb is? Watch the YouTube video staring year 2 teachers demonstrating verbs in action.

The Year 2 Production. A huge success!

What beautiful singing Year 2! 
The girls of room 7 were stunning. Their dance was so flowing and lovely.
The kimonos were made by Mrs Oats, and the paper lanterns made in class.
Room 7 boys rocked the stage with their Japanese ninja dancing
Thanks to Mrs Oats for making all the costumes for the class.
The class performed amazingly and looked incredible!

Year 2 Concert - Back Stage Preparation

Japanese Dance Rehersal

Japanese Artwork

We have been working super hard to create some Japanese inspired artwork which is on display in the school hall. Pop in and check it out. We are really proud of the results.

Supporting Guide Dogs

Construction and Stories

What a fantastic castle!
Rosalie (the doll) and Ginger Bear love having adventures written about them with the children of Room 7.

Mandarin Class

Happy Birthday George!

Pet Rocks

Look at the pet rocks we created!